The stroll on the beach ends in a game of legs in the air


A beautiful hedonistic couple stroll along the beach and end up isolating themselves to cuddle. But now, like every time they kiss, it ends with a part of legs in the air. They are alone and no one can see them. It wouldn’t bother them anyway. The young woman spreads her thighs so that her boyfriend can position himself between her legs and lick her pussy. She is all sweaty and dripping wet. After sucking her lover’s hard cock and taking two fingers deep inside her vagina, the young woman lies down in the sand to take the swollen stake she has just sucked in her shiny cave. She loves when he pounded her uterus like that. This epicurean couple has sex under the sun. The young woman will rehydrate at the end by drinking her boyfriend’s cum.

Date: October 18, 2021